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Client: Sahar

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“I had an amazing personal training experience with Wafa! Patient, strong, funny and supportive! I even had a group personal training with her, she made us all feel great and happy! Thank you!”

Client: Yosra Al Marayati

Trainer: Hadeel Al Saleh

“I tried every diet you can think of!I gave up trying up until I met Hadeel! In less than two months, she considered me as her sister, followed up with me day in and day out! I was finally able to see the difference in my body, I actually started shaping and losing weight! For the first time in my life, I am determined more than ever to become fit every day! Thank you Hadeel for being the reason for this change! She made me see the plastic surgeries are not the answer! You are fantastic!”

Client: Zareefa Mane’e

Trainer: Hadeel Al Saleh

"I am 51 years old, I joined VegaFit Rabieh for medical reasons and because of my daughter’s nagging! … I never thought that I will come back after day one. I hate doing sports and I never thought that I am able to move a muscle in my body! But the kindness & patience I had by the amazing Coach Hadeel pushed me beyond my farthest imagination! I joined Lose to Win challenge and I excelled! Because I had such a passionate trainer and a wonderful dietitian! Both Hadeel & Manar kept me going and made me discover my potential – I can never thank you enough!"

Client: Alaa Sharaf

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“I don’t like sports, and I hate cardio workouts! But Personal Training changed all that!! I fell in love with sports and watched myself become stronger every day! All thanks to Coach Wafa! I saw real results and I felt great! she never cancelled any session, she knew which areas I should focus on and which exercises that will make a difference! Bless you Wafa!”

Client: Lina Al Hmoud

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“I am training with the best trainer! Coach Wafa at VegaFit Rabieh! The session passes so quickly because she makes it interesting, funny and valuable! She never saves any effort in giving me advice and following up with me! She is very close to the heart! I even left the gym for a while but when I re-joined I chose her again! She is worth it!”

Client: Sahar Atieh

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“I am very lucky to have chosen Super Coach Wafa when I joined VegaFit Rabieh! I was able to see the difference before the 5th session! I regained myself confidence, I became happier and everyone noticed the change! Even though she gives me very hard training but it is all worth it! She knows exactly how to shape your body and give you what you need to be more fit and healthy! Thank you coach Wafa for finally making believe that fitness and health can work for me! A very unique experience indeed”

Client: Laila Haziame

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“I want to share my story with the world! In 2012, I just delivered my first baby, and just after 40 days I started doing personal training with coach Wafa even though everyone told me it is too early to start doing sports! … she was very patient, she gave me workouts specially designed for a new mom, she took it step by step with me … she taught me how to train on my own. My goal was to go back to my pre-baby body, and the results were amazing! I was even more fit and more shaped than before! I love you Wafa for helping me go through such difficult times and giving me the support and help needed to achieve my goals! I will never forget you!”

Client: Abeer Abed

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“The Personal Training experience is very useful with Coach Wafa, she gives you the right techniques, and pushes you to give your max! very professional, nice and is rich of information! A session with her is always fun”

Client: Samah Issa

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“Coach Wafa is unique! She is hyper, cute, and very kind! Her workouts are varied and new every time! She gave me hope and determination! I lost 25 kilos because of her! I owe the change in my life to her!”

Client: Huda Shhab

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“Coach Wafa watches over you very closely, she counts all the workouts and makes you repeat the workout if you try to cheat, you can see results quickly, she knows how to deal with injuries, and she is very patient and caring! Fascinating Person!”

Client: Rozet

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“When I decided to start PT two years ago I was lucky to work with the wonderful trainer Wafa Al Tokatly… she made sure that the level of training fits my needs and goals and my fitness level at that time… we started gradually and as my fitness level improved so did out workout which became more challenging… I recommend Personal Training with her for everyone!”

Client: Malak

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“Coach Wafa … words can never express how much I am grateful to you! You helped me lose my weight and shape my body … I had problems and pains in my back and knees, and she was highly qualified to train me the right way and solved my problems and took away my pains. I look and feel better because of you! And on the personal lever, you Rock!”

Client: Dana Radaydeh

Trainer: Wafa Al Tokatly

“I met Wafa when I joined VegaFit Rabieh, I lost 10 kilos with her! And I had to leave the gym for a while then I rejoined and continued with her! And I will always choose her! She is so wonderful, so patient, so kind-hearted and she teaches me to train in the right way without hurting myself. Thank You is so little!”

Client: Hadeel Mirza

Trainer: Dunia

“Thank you for outlining an exercise program just for me. I am finally seeing results! My body feels better so far. I am very thankful for your personal support”

Client: Hiba

Trainer: Diyala

“My name is Hiba and I have started PT 2 Weeks ago with Diala. PT is the real training experience, it helps me a lot and my body responds positively with it. My coach is very energetic and pushes me to new limits everyday”

Client: Marwa Al Naqqar

Trainer: Diyala

“I’ve been a member of Vega Fitness Clubs for five years now, I tried all the facilities has to offer and tried several personal trainers … But Diala Ketana made a difference for me! She would insist on giving me different workouts each time and force me to do them …. She would allow me to follow up with her and call her any time even after working hours! … she would always tell me that next week if you follow my instructions you will lose x weight! And it worked! I used to do everything she says and find great results! She made me change my entire lifestyle to the better! … thanks Diala for helping me be a better person inside and out! That is all you! So thank you!”

Client: Mais Al Naqqar

Trainer: Diyala

“Five years of training at Vega Fitness Clubs has always paid off but especially when I started training with Diala Ketaneh! … I watched how she helped my sister become healthier and fitter and decided to try it for myself! … She understands your nature and what your body needs, she talks to you and discusses your goals and she lays out a plan for you and pushes you so hard to follow through! … She is an amazing and wonderful person! She taught me a lot and I am so happy to have her as my personal trainer! Than you Diala!”

Client: Eman

Trainer: Lina

“Coach Lina, the cute, the active, the accurate, the passionate! She encourages me to do more every time! Never allows me to stop or give up! I love coming to the gym because of you! I am sure my goals will be achieved with you”

Client: Malak

Trainer: Haneen Badawi

“I decided to go to the gym after I gave birth to my second child, VegaFit Khalda was the best option for me in terms of location and quality of services, I started taking PT Sessions with Coach Haneen Badawi, she is amazing as she understood exactly what I wanted and pushed me towards achieving my goal, she used to check on me and ensured that I don’t skip a class unless I have a good excuse  I am very sad that after 6 months of continuous exercising I had to stop because I have to study, but can’t wait to return as soon as I am done in August hopefully! And without thinking it will be with Haneen!”

Client: Yusra

Trainer: Haneen Badawi

“I train at VegaFit Khalda. All my life I never carried on more than a week of personal training! And for me classes are noisy and unwelcoming … all that changed two years ago when I met Coach Haneen! She was assigned as my personal trainer and I am glad she was! She is a very ambitious person and never takes “CAN’T” for an answer! She is very motivating who makes you feel like you are wonder woman! I became addicted to training because of her! I love her unlimited options of workout routines that makes training interesting and fun! She is very caring, always giving clever suitable solutions for any obstacle that I ever encounter. She has patience and passion, I love her for how attentive, cautious, alert, and how updated she is! She always compromises to serve me best, she would come in early sometimes just so I wouldn’t miss a session and other times she would stay longer times to make sure I am training the right way after my session! … Thanks VegaFit Khalda for such wonderful staff and thank you Haneen for everything! I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you!”

Client: Dana Al-Taher

Trainer: Haneen Badawi

“I used to be a member of group PT with the amazing Haneen Badawi for at least 6 months of lovely and a unique experience! She is my coach, my best friend, and my sister who keeps pushing me forward when I feel down. Thanks for a very special valuable time!”

Client: Yara Msharbash

Trainer: Marwa

“Marwa is the best personal trainer in the world! She is the only person who helped me to actually lose weight and change! I love her for all the efforts she makes with me! Thank you!”

Client: Nadeen

Trainer: Fatima

“Saying thank you isn’t just enough for me to say after all the amount of time you’ve spent with me at the gym. Thank you for everything you have done! Your influence was amazing, you keep motivating me and supporting me in my journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I can’t express my gratitude to you for going through the sweat and sometimes even pain with me! You are wonderful!”

Client: Suha Ibrahim

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“On October 2015, I set out on a weight loss challenge with the assistance of my professional trainer Israa Al Salaman. Now after a short while, I lost 10 kilos and I got very fit and strong. Thank you Israa for pushing me out of my comfort zone with the best exercise techniques!”

Client: Hadeel Bader

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“I thank you Israa for making me healthier, fitter, stronger! You made me fall in love with myself and push myself hard! You changed my life to a whole new perspective! Every session with you is a new experience!”

Client: Rania Salem

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“Esraa is the best personal trainer! She is awesome, following up on my exercises every day, motivating me, and always shows me that I am changing and that I should work harder and harder … she always shows up on time! I adore her!”

Client: Dana Mohammad

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“Israa is a great trainer and an asset to Vega Fitness Clubs team. She is knowledgeable, has great experience even at such young age. She gives us special attention and gives good advice. I have Knee and back problems and she knows how to avoid me making the wrong moves and helps ease the pain. I am really lucky to have the chance to train with her, really happy that she has the patience to accommodate to all my requests and flexibility to give me sessions any time that is suitable with my schedule”

Cleint: Hala Zaqout

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“7 Months ago, I started gaining weight very quickly! I hated looking at myself in the mirror or going out to public places, I started neglecting how I look and it made me feel very bad … I have a family history of diabetics and I decided to take control! I joined VegaFit Rabieh with Coach Israa Al Salman and dietitian Manar Al Naqqar and my life started changing! I am healthier and happier now … I will never leave sports! Thank you guys for making me who I am today!”

Client: Waed Abu Dohair

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“Personal Training in Boxing with Israa Al Salman! I really love her classes! First of all, I reached my goals (I lost weight and I am having the shape that I always wanted). We always do something new and she makes me enjoy my workout and never get bored. She mixes the boxing with different exercises that help me reach what I want. She is the cutest and sweetest trainer you could ever have!”

Client: Dana Jaber

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“Israa you are wonderful! You are committed, serious, and very devoted to us. You follow up with me all the time, you get upset if I do not lose weight the way I am supposed to, you care genuinely for each one of your trainees and for this we love you! Thank you!”

Client: Nada Qaddoura

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“Israa is out of this world! Committed and shows great discipline, she empowers yet pampers the trainee, feels good to have you as my personal trainer!”

Client: Hayfa Al Rifaee

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“I take personal training sessions with Israa, I am excited each time I have a session with her! She gives me new workouts each time! Gives me goals to reach together! I love working out with her!”

Client: Muna Mahmoud Zaqoot

Trainer: Israa Al Salman

“I never thought that I will be able to put on more weight!! But in a very short period of time, under Israa’s training and with Dietitian Manar Al Naqqar I was able to gain 5 kilos and look and feel much better! I am so happy to have Israa as my trainer! She is fun and she makes me love sports more every day! I will continue with both of them till I reach my perfect body shape!”

Client: Rana

Trainer: Rawan

“A workout to me was an hour or two at the gym so that I wouldn’t feel guilty by skipping a workout day! It was something I do because I have to not because I want to! … up until I met Rawan!... at first I was worried, then when I saw and felt her professional fitness background I felt at ease to trust her and believe she will help me achieve my goal! … she is not just a trainer, she is my inspiration for all the marvelous changes she has boosted in me! … from day one I could tell the change is coming! She changed me and made me touch the fit strong person inside of me! I want to thank her for her constant motivation, her energy that I do miss on my day off from the gym… going to the gym is not something that I have to do anymore or stressful for me… it is something that I look forward to every day! It is the highlight of my day!”

Client: Suha Al Banna

Trainer: Molok

“I never knew how powerful Pilates is till I took a course with Coach Molok! … she is absolutely amazing! She loves what she does and she reflects it in everything! She teaches me to do every move the right way! She never gives up on me! She always encourages me to do more! Thank you Molok! I will do it again for sure!”

Client: Luna Ismail

Trainer: Molok

“I love the PT Classes, they are a game changer! Fitness/weight loss and body building is guaranteed from the very first week. Molok is an amazing dedicated coach. She puts all her energy and focus into the session and constantly encourages us. Most importantly they are fun, always updated and will surely addict you to doing sports! I am usually not a morning person but I enjoy waking up early for Molok’s class!”

Client: Dima Arar

Trainer: Molok

“PT Sessions with Molok are so powerful between building up your fitness, strength and durability! She is fantastic! And she keeps giving advice even after class is over! Wonderful trainer! Very dedicated!”

Client: Alaa Al Dabbas

Trainer: Samah

“I am 24 years old and I’ve been on and off with Vega Fitness Clubs … at winter time, I met Samah while I was training on Cardio Machines … and I loved how she cared and always tried to help me and encourage me … I decided to start taking Personal Training with her and I am glad I did!... I never regretted this decision! She showed me new levels of fitness and sports! She made me discover my potential and I am a new person because of her! She checks on me even on off days and follows up with me and makes sure I never go back to wrong habits of eating! … She is very serious in what she does and yet her class is fun and energetic!... Thank you Samah!”

Client: Saleem

Trainer: Ali Al Haj

“Saleem is an autistic child who suffered from obesity and due to his special condition; it was hard to control his diet and exercise because he follows a certain routine in his life and could not accept change easily. In August 2015, he Joined VegaFit Khalda for a personal training session with Coach Ali Al Haj who dealt with Saleem in a very kind and professional manner. With his big heart he absorbed Saleem’s tantrums and behaviors. Over time, Saleem grew attached to sports and to Coach Ali and started showing positive progress in his fitness level and attitude. Even his social skills improved dramatically. Now it’s been twenty months since we first started training with Coach Ali, Saleem has lost over 30 kilos and is in excellent shape and still going forward! We, as Saleems family, would like to thank Coach Ali and Vega Fitness Clubs for all their efforts to give our little boy a better chance in this life, you guys are amazing!”

Client: Anonymous

Trainer: Ali Al Haj

“I am 41 years old, been off sports for about two years and gained weight during this period and general low fitness level … after taking several personal training sessions with Coach Ali Al Haj, I was able to tell he knows what he is doing based on a great knowledge and experience that he owns! Each month I noticed the difference in building my muscles and losing fat… and after 6 months, I am very close to achieving my goals! … his techniques are professional, varied and very interesting and changes over time based on my fitness level … and he knows how to deal with injuries or joint pains… He is punctual, cares about my diet and everything related to my health … Thank you Coach Ali for making the impossible seem like a piece of cake!”

Client: Maha Al Shiekh

Trainer: Israa Abu Ghazaleh

“Coach Israa has great qualities! She is always on time, varied with her exercises, tough follow up on daily basis, flexibility and kindness, patience, loves challenging us to do better, teaches us to do the right techniques, very transparent with a great smile on her face! We love you Israa!”

Client: Shatha Antar

Trainer: Selena Womar

“I was really in a bad place, and Selena put up with me, and helped me get back on the right track! I see the difference each day!”

Client: Areej Khalifa

Trainer: Zain Zash

“I am 55 years old, I feel healthier, happier, stronger and younger than ever! All thanks to the wonderful Zain! You make me feel! Thank you!”