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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These terms along with the Rules of Conduct and Member Application (contract) will form the ‘Membership Agreement’ to make you understand your rights and responsibilities as a Member in one of our Clubs.


The Member must complete a Vega (VegaFit, Vega Express, or FitnessOne) Membership Application when joining as a Member.

Entry to the Club requires production of a valid membership card. If the membership card is lost or stolen, a new card may be purchased for the cost of 10 JDs.

Memberships can be transferred for someone else in the same club or in a different club but with certain fees.

The categories of membership are as follows:

Prepaid fixed term membership: Members pay in advance for a fixed period membership.

Minimum term automatic termination: Members may elect from a 1, 3, 6 month, or 12 month minimum term. The membership will automatically terminate at the end of the minimum term.

Personal Training Membership: You can only join for a certain number of Personal Training Sessions without a gym membership.

Swimming Lessons Membership: You can only join for a certain number of Swimming Training Lessons without a gym membership.

15 visits Membership: You can visit the gym for 15 times and use all the facilities of the gym, but you have to finish it within Three months’ time. If the three months are up and you still have visits, you can extend for another month for a fee of 10 JDs to finish up the visit left for you.

One-Activity Membership: Available at selected clubs, where you can only have a Machines membership (cardio & free weights area) or a Classes Membership (to attend classes only) and the periods is either 6 months or 12 months.

The Club may close for bad weather conditions such as heavy snow and for short periods of time in response to issues of health and safety. In such cases the Member will not be entitled to a refund.


Termination by the Member:

If a member wishes to terminate his membership before its due date, we give him/her the option to transfer the gym membership to someone else with certain fees.

There are special cases that we deal on case-by-case basis such as injuries, sudden travelling, health problems, accidents, etc.

Termination by the Club:

Vega Fitness Clubs may terminate this Membership Agreement in circumstances where the Member is in breach of this Membership Agreement. The Member will be refused entry to the club until such time that the breach is remedied or the Membership Agreement is terminated.

In circumstances where the Member is in material breach of this Membership Agreement (including the Rules of Conduct) Vega Fitness Clubs may terminate with immediate effect and expel the Member from the Club’s premises (for example, stealing from the club or form other members, harming other members, harming the club’s reputation or facility itself, etc.).

Vega Fitness Clubs may terminate this Membership Agreement for any other reason that is reasonably necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the business.

Freezing Options:

Vega Fitness Clubs allow members to freeze or suspend their membership for a period of time depending on membership type (after that period is over, the membership with automatically be active again).

If you have 1 month membership, you may Freeze Once for a fee of 15 JDs.

If you have 6 month membership, you may freeze twice for free and after that each freeze will cost 10 JDs.

If you have 12 months membership, you may freeze 3 times for free and after that freeze will cost 10 JDs.

Those memberships will be extended for the amount of time equivalent to the period of the freeze.

The direct debit minimum term payment installments will be suspended during the period of suspension and will resume once the period of suspension is finished.

The member must complete and sign a Membership Freeze Form and pay the Freezing fee. Freezing for medical reasons will attract no charge upon presentation of a medical certificate.

If Freezing is among the free ones you have for your membership, you do not need to come in person to freeze, you may send an email to: Freeze@VegaFitness.com with your name, your club name and your starting date of freezing, and our staff will make sure you have 30 days of freezing.

Payment Default and Late Fees

When members choose to pay using installments or several payments and not all at once (upgrading), they must pay the amount on due date. We do give them a 5-day notice period before their account is automatically turned to ‘expired’. After that, if they wish to resume payment, they must pay the entire amount all at once.

Variation of Terms

Vega Fitness Clubs may from time to time vary the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement in terms of: open hours, Rules of Conduct and provision of services if it is practically needed to protect the legitimate interests of its business to do so.

Liability of Vega Fitness Clubs

Since we are a supplier of recreational services for ordinary use, we acknowledge to make certain legal non-excludable guarantees to members. Vega Fitness Clubs does not purport to limit its liability for a failure to comply with the above non-excludable guarantees except insofar as a failure to comply with these guarantees results in personal injury or death. Vega Fitness Clubs further dismisses liability for any injury, loss or damage that occurs from the fault or negligence of the Member.

Liability of Member

The Member is accountable for any damage to property on the club’s premises that is caused by themselves or their guests.