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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons



Whatever your age you are never to young or too old to learn to swim or work on improving your swimming. We offer different solutions for different age groups utilising one of our heated pools to ensure that you learn in comfort.

We offer two key mechanisms for our swimming programme:

Freestyle Learning

With Freestyle learning you partner up with one of our great Swim Coaches who guide you through the fundamentals of confidence and technique to get you to become a competent swimmer. Many of our adult members select this option.

If you are already a swimmer speak to the team about technique improvement or even swimming fitness sessions!

You just book the time that is convenient for you and then off you go!

Service is available at VEGA, Swafieh, Medina just speak with either the Customer Service Team or one of our Head trainers.

PAdi Swim School

The curriculum follows a simple premise that to be a competent and confident swimmer we need a core set of swimming skills.

Participants move through a structured course at the right pace for them, not moving to the next challenges until they have shown their ability in the previous one.

There are three key programmes with a number of sections that are covered in each.

Swim School

This contains 5 levels, White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green and focusses initially on water confidence and then a phase called progression.

Stroke School

This also contains the same 5 sub levels and aims to focus on stroke development of the key 4 strokes plus providing a focus on swim endurance.

An introductory video can be seen here

Available as a one to one or in small groups this is backed not just by the world famous PADI diving organisation but also by award winning Star Fish Aquatic Institute, one of the World’s fastest growing water safety institutes.

These courses are available from 4 years old to 104 years old and taught at VEGA as part of the Triton Dive Academy.

All courses are backed up by training log books so students and parents can track their progress.

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