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Personal Training

Personal Training


Personal Training

The Fastest Way To Achieve Your Goals!
Our Commitment
We believe that as a company we offer the best value Personal Fitness Training In the country! Compared to many we cost up to 30% less but the quality of our trainers is 100% or MORE!
Our fitness trainers in Jordan and Amman are fully qualified and handpicked to ensure the highest level of delivery and advice to help you achieve your goals in a fast, safe and effective manner. Whether it is one to one or small group training, if you are serious about achieving your goal then consider Personal Training.

It gets you there!

People take Personal Training for many different reasons but generally they have a goal or a result they want to achieve. Sometimes it is appearance, health or even performance. It could be weight loss, toning, strengthening, body building or simply dropping a dress size for that special event. If you have a goal and are either struggling to achieve this yourself or want to achieve this in a timescale that is as fast as possible then Personal Training is for you!


We believe that as a company we offer the best value Personal Training there is!
Our trainers are experts at helping you get the most out of every workout – no cutting corners, just full balanced effort. They are trained to deal
with all sorts of injuries and will give you their devoted attention day-in and day-out. Frankly speaking, if you take personal training, there is no way out before we get you to your goal! Be careful ;)


We are not always aware of how we do something or the effect an exercise or a particular technique may have on our bodies. While
maximizing your benefit through hard work, the trainer ensures you
perform exercises that are appropriate for your ability and current fitness level, this reduces the likelihood of injury keeping your training at the gym and not spending time on therapy.


We all get bored doing the same thing. Trainers have an entire database of training methods and specific exercises they can call on to keep each and every session fresh and varied. Many of these exercises you probably can’t do safely or as effectively if you were to do them alone. This in turn keeps you working in manner to maximize your results.

Life Plan

These are three-month memberships with built-in Personal Fitness Training sessions delivered on a regular basis – of either 1 session per week, 2 sessions or 3 sessions.
These packages also include dietetic consultations with our registered dieticians. These are available at all our clubs.

Group Trainings

All the benefits listed above but with the added benefit of being in a small group. Whether you chose to train with a friend or meet new ones in your group this is the most social way to get in perfect shape.
Attractively priced to motivate you to join – grab some friends and come and give it a try!
Gym Individual and small group options are not just for the gym! We also offer non gym-based options such as:
Pilates: Be guided through this unique fitness system by a fully qualified instructor.
Swimming: Learn to swim, improve your technique or simply be pushed that bit harder to maximize your fitness benefits. This is also available for kids.
Other Packages We offer a number of packages. We sell PT in packages as getting to your results takes time and cannot be achieved in one session.

5 session

10 Sessions

our most popular package

Also Available
For Group PT
20 Session

Value pack
30 Session


Any of these packages are used in conjunction with a current membership.

Client: Maha Al Shiekh

Trainer: Israa Abu Ghazaleh

“Coach Israa has great qualities! She is always on time, varied with her exercises, tough follow up on daily basis, flexibility and kindness, patience, loves challenging us to do better, teaches us to do the right techniques, very transparent with a great smile on her face! We love you Israa!”

Client: Shatha Antar

Trainer: Selena Womar

“I was really in a bad place, and Selena put up with me, and helped me get back on the right track! I see the difference each day!”

Client: Areej Khalifa

Trainer: Zain Zash

“I am 55 years old, I feel healthier, happier, stronger and younger than ever! All thanks to the wonderful Zain! You make me feel! Thank you!”
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