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Kids Club

Kids Club


It is all about KIDS!

At VEGA Fitness Clubs Fitness For Kids, we are all in for supporting the idea of Fitness For Kids for the entire Family! We want to support parents have ‘Me Time!’ and be able to integrate exercise into their daily schedules!
We know how hard it is to find time for your health & fitness especially when you are a parent! Now you can relax and workout knowing your child is happy & safe because we have a licensed Kids Areas with high quality professional staff in selected clubs to take care of your child.
We offer options from the age of 1 all the way through to 16. Whether you want a safe and fun environment to drop your child while you go and work out or you want to enroll them into a class or program, we have all the options you need!
Both the parent & the child can look forward to going to the Gym now!

Our commitment

Children’s health and their fitness levels are decreasing, nowhere more than here in Jordan. We are committed to halting and then reversing this trend. Starting off with good habits increases the probability that these good habits are then carried on into adult hood and passed onto future generations.
We want to provide great options for Children to engage in across the kingdom, whether it is classes, kids swimming lessons, individual training programs or involvement in martial arts. We have expert trainers to guide, motivate and educate youngsters from the age of 1 to 16.


Across the clubs we have a wide variety of Fitness For Kids options. Whether you want to learn to swim, start a diving course, begin your journey to become an expert in a martial art, dance, play, etc. all of these are options provided across the clubs.