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WHAT IS CrossFit Workouts?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements that are performed at a relatively high intensity. Workouts in CrossFit workouts are reflected upon functional movements that are used in daily life leading you to become more efficient in daily tasks.
CrossFit workouts give you a perspective of three main sports (Olympic weightlifting, Gymnastics and Cardio) that are all combined in one workout! Thus, You will never get bored from CrossFit workouts since the workout changes everyday making you eager to come back and become better, stronger and fitter!

One of the fastest growing trends in the Fitness World: we bring you CrossFit 962, our very own REEBOK endorsed CROSSFIT BOX (we don’t call it working out in a gym, we call it the BOX). Located at our flagship club Fitness One Vega Gym on Mecca Street, we are Amman’s largest BOX with a thriving community of participants.
Each days has a different work out (we call it a WOD – Workout Of the Day), the movements are functional movements so we limit the use of fixed movement machines, you are the machine! The exercise is performed at high levels of intensity to maximize your fitness gains there are no easy days! Our Crossfit WODS Workout are generally MIXED but we doo run some specific ladies only sessions also.
However, the really great thing about CrossFit is the team spirit and support not just from our fully qualified coaches but from other participants, the last to finish is supported as much as the first to visit! We celebrate you taking part and completing each challenge, it is not just about coming first.
We call all our participants ATHLETES, because that is what they are, they train to be the best that they can be. Our environment is competitive yet supportive. Hard but rewarding. Short and intense but a lifestyle.
To get involved every participant undergoes a thorough induction program, we call this FUNDEMENTALS. This is to ensure everyone understands the exercises and importantly can perform them correctly to minimize injury and maximize their results.
We don’t limit our workouts to the indoors, often we use the outside spaces around the club as part of a WOD and every Thursday we do an entire session out in the fresh air.
For those who want to test themselves fully we run competitions that are open to those in other Boxes, some even come from international locations to take part. CROSSFIT even has its own world Championships with the winner generally being acknowledged as the Fitness Human on the Planet.
More than anything becoming part of CROSSFIT 962 attaches you to a worldwide community of other CROSSFIT enthusiasts you don’t just perform movement – you become part of one!
For further details, contact us directly and come and see us!