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Lose To Win (8-Week Challenge!)

Reach Your Vega Fitness Body in 8 weeks!

Real Stories, Real Results

Our First Challenge this year started on April 9th up until June 4th, 2016
This program has been running for 6 years in a row and it has been a real life changer! We have witnessed the transformations of many people and we cannot wait to see yours!
Through this program, you compete with other contestants on losing weight in 8 weeks’ time! It is not about numbers it is about teaching you new skills and habits, and changing your lifestyle into a better, healthier and more fit YOU! It does not stop at 8 weeks, it goes on for life as it becomes the new YOU.
Our Lose To Win competition is designed to change the way you look, think and feel. Its main objective is individual success and personal development. And above that, there are valuable prizes, an even greater motivation for you to take up the challenge!
Having others competing against you in this journey and knowing that others are going through the same things should give you strength and persistence to work harder and achieve your goals. And our teams are always there for you to support you and guide on every step of the way.

Team Training

You can be a group of two or three during this competition to give each other support and motivation all the way with your own Team Coach and Dietitian.