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Customer Service Policy

Our Customer Service Policy


This policy is to prove our commitment and determination to our customers and the local community towards improving their health, well-being and fitness which will lead to an overall value to them and add a high quality experience to their daily lives.

We love what we do and we try to emphasize this at all times in everything we do whether it be providing high quality standards of customer service, hearing our customers out, safe & healthy environment and professionalism to help our customers get to their goals.

Our Promise

Vega Fitness Clubs are very culturally-sensitive in terms of providing the most optimum services that perfectly apply to the surrounding community. We believe that the concept of non-mixed gyms and additional care for your kids fitness will give more comfort for both genders to achieve their targeted goals knowing their children are happy, safe and close by. You are our valued member and not just a number. And based on this we work every single day. Together we are one team, we will motivate you and give you all the support you need in order for you to feel that this is your second home and this is where you truly want to be.

We can inspire the world to be fitter and healthier by working together. And our staff will never waste a moment without trying to help you in all means possible.

Members are our number one concern, and everything revolves around them. The positive change will come through collaboration and teamwork, by sustaining a sense of fun, passion, enthusiasm and integrity in everything we do. Providing warm, friendly service at all times, it is our mission to give you the best experience and make sure you feel an enormous sense of achievement when you finish each session. Your journey is our journey from the moment you decide to become part of our family. Vega Fitness Clubs are devoted to giving members exactly what they are looking for. We pride ourselves on a full commitment to customer satisfaction. We will always want to hear from you, to get your feedback constantly (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to challenge and improve our processes and services, we value everything you say to us and your opinions do matter to us.

What we are offering you is unrivalled in value for money, with no hidden costs. We strive to be flexible to fit your needs, to keep our prices affordable, our receptionists super friendly, our personal trainers motivational, our equipment easy to use, modern and innovative, our classes rich of challenging varieties, fresh and fun, thus assuring you that you are getting top value for money.

We work hard to keep up with the best world trends in the fitness and health industry and carefully hand-pick the best programs to deliver them to you in a smooth and easy matter making sure that you have all the dietary, exercise advice and best experience every day.